The Wines of Madeira Trevor Elliott

An indispensable guide to the wines, grapes and producers

NEW - Updated for 2019!

Since my book was published in 2010, I have visited Madeira several times. Each time, I have met with members of staff at IVBAM and producers.

Changes have taken place in the past 9 years, so I have decided to produce an update to the book. This update will give the changes in the regulations, changes made by producers and updates to the statistics in the original copy.

If you are interested in finding out about the wonderful wines produced in Madeira, or you already know and enjoy these wines but wish to learn more, or you are a student preparing for wine examinations, then this book is the book for you!

You will be taken on a journey through the many stages of production, from the vine to the glass. The result of many years of detailed research, the book includes tasting notes, menu suggestions and profiles of the producers.

It has an attractive clarity of design and is lavishly illustrated throughout with colour photographs. This is an extremely informative, highly readable, yet detailed and structured work, providing the most up-to-date picture of Madeira's wine industry.



Ch 1   A Short History of Madeira
Ch 2   Viticulture
Ch 3   Vinification
Ch 4   Fortification and Aging
Ch 5   Blending and Bottling
Ch 6   Storing and Serving
Ch 7   Tasting
Ch 8   The Producers
Ch 9   Commercialisation
Ch 10   Regulation and Development IVBAM
Ch 11   Table Wines
Ch 12   The Future


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Madeira Wine Varieties

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The Wines of Madeira

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